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Cardinals vs. Rockies June 5

You never forget your first game in the big leagues. But I'm sure Jess Todd might like to have a do over.

Not only did his team get torched 11-4 in his first contest in The Show, but he got into the game during a Colorado offensive feeding frenzy, and he was personally abused as well.

In an inning and two thirds, Todd gave up a pair of runs on three hits and two walks. He also gave up a monster home run. On the bright side, he struck out two Rockies hitters.

Todd wasn't the worst Cardinals pitcher on the night. After a solid start by Adam Wainwright that saw three runs scored in six innings pitched with eight strikeouts, Jason Motte came into the game and gave up three runs on two hits and a walk without retiring a batter. Motte had been stellar since the first week of the season. But he didn't have it Friday. Dennys Reyes got into the act as well, walking home a run with the bases loaded.

Once again, the offense was terrible. I don't know what can be done to light a fire underneath these guys. Rick Ankiel did have a solid double. Maybe he is finally starting to rediscover his swing after his disabled list stay.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Yadier Molina was 2-for-4 with a homer.

Lowlight: Reyes could have kept the Cardinals close if he had done his job in relief of Wainwright, then maybe the Birds late rally might have meant something.