Cheap Seats

It's over. The computers say the Cardinals have already won.

Don't bother fretting over actually watching the games. The stats guys have already handed the Cardinals the National League Central crown and anointed them favorites to represent the senior circuit in the World Series..

According to AccuScore, the Birds are the only team in the senior circuit projected to win 100 games this season. Click here to see the predictions via Yahoo Sports.

Of course, I would love to be able to take this to the bank. But baseball has a funny way of making the experts look like idiots. And there is no formula on the planet that can predict who is going to get hurt and who isn't. That's going to be a huge factor for the Cardinals who have a lot of talent on the front line but little depth.

It's also pretty tough to tell who is going to get hot, who is going to get traded and who is going to get old in a hurry. So I'm not going to get excited until the Cardinals lead by more games than are left on the schedule. And then I'm just going to start worrying about a post season flameout like what happened against the Dodgers last year... That's how I roll.