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Can Holliday and DeRosa stay together?

Suddenly it looks like there is a chance that Matt Holliday and Mark DeRosa could end up being teammates again in 2010 after all...

While that scenario has been considered unlikely in St. Louis, the Boston Herald reports that the Red Sox are interested in bringing the versatile DeRosa to town. There have been numerous reports in the last two weeks that the Sox are very interested in Holliday.

The Red Sox are thought to be players in the second baseman market because of recent talk that the team asked incumbent second sacker Dustin Pedroia to move to shortstop. Former Cardinals infielder Placido Polanco is also mentioned as a possible new second baseman for the BoSox.

The Cardinals have claimed that is is doubtful that they could afford both Holliday and DeRosa, a position that I think is absurd unless the team plans to spend significant dollars improving the back end of the starting rotation. The Cardinals, including projected raises for arbitration eligible players, currently have a payroll of $70 million or a little bit less. Even if they steadfastly hold to their 2007 level salary scale despite massive increases in ticket prices over that time, that's still about $30 million to spend.

If the Cardinals wanted to spend closer to what some of their fellow 3-million fans a year markets -- like Houston, Philadelphia and Detroit spend, it's pretty reasonable to think they could afford to bump things up to $110 or $115 million.

$70 million, plus

$18 million a year for Holliday, plus

 $7 million a year for DeRosa, plus

$10 million for pitching


$105 million

That would rank seventh in MLB in payroll in 2009 for the team that was fourth in attendance and it would rank 10th amongst major league payrolls in 2010.