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How long can the Birds make it without Glaus?

I'm starting to wonder if the Cardinals may pay dearly for their refusal to consider manager Tony La Russa's off season request for an "impact bat."

It is becoming more and more obvious that third baseman Troy Glaus is going to miss a major chunk of the season as his shoulder continues to give him trouble. Someone is going to have to pick up a huge portion of the offense behind Albert Pujols and Ryan Ludwick. And the candidates to replace Glaus at third base haven't exactly been lighting up the scoreboard with their offensive production this spring.

If the Cardinals would have picked up someone who could hit with some pop in the outfield or at second base, they could afford to have a guy like Brendan Ryan man third. Play some defense and get on base a little bit at the top or the bottom of the order and you're good. But the team is now in a position to have a lack of offense at third and either a rookie (Rasmus) trying to feel out major league pitchers or a horrible glove man (Duncan) giving up more runs than he produces in the outfield. And how will Skip Schumaker's offense by affected if he struggles defensively at second base?

Dan Uggla at second - or maybe even at third -- would have been a nice offensive addition. And I still think that Matt Holliday would have been a great player in St. Louis.

La Russa thought the Cardinals needed another bat in addition to Glaus. But they need it even more without their slugging third baseman around.