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Come on, Tony...

Anyone besises me starting to get a little bit concerned about how long this whole Tony La Russa making up his mind thing has drawn out?

I figured this would have been wrapped up a week ago. And the word that Dave Duncan had successfully swallowed a chill pill and decided that he would likely come back if the skipper does only seemed to make La Russa's re-upping even more certain.

All we're hearing is that he is leaning toward re-signing. Ok, Tony, lean toward signing that contract... As long as it is a 90 percent chance that you are coming back, the Cardinals are in danger of being the last one in line to hire a new skipper on the off chance that you decide you want to summer in Oakland.

Maybe he has already decided and the Cardinals just aren't making any announcements until they get the terms worked out. But in an off-season of uncertainty, the fans don't need anything else to stir them up.