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Mr. Bay, the doctor will see you now

Word out of New York is that Jason Bay will be in town Monday to get a physical he needs to pass in order to make his contract agreement with the Mets official.

I wonder if that has anything to do with why things have been so quiet over the last several days on the Matt Holliday front. Could it be that Holliday and agent Scott Boras are waiting to make sure that Bay will be the Mets left fielder in case he fails tests and New York is suddenly back in the market for Holliday?

It's odd that there aren't even any new rumors floating about on the Holliday goings on. It seems that most of the baseball watchers believe that a deal between the Cardinals and their free agent slugger is inevitable. It's hard to believe if the Yankees or another club is lurking in the weeds that we would have likely at least heard SOMETHING about it. But I'm not going to believe anything is a done deal until the Birds have a signed contract with Holliday.

Reports last week said it would likely be sometime this week before a deal could be finalized. So hopefully that comes through and this mess doesn't drag on any longer than it has to.