Cheap Seats

The $100 million plan

Here is a reasonable projection of the Redbirds' 2010 roster makeup. It is based on either existing contract numbers or reasonable projections based existing salaries and service time for players who are not eligible for free agency.


Schumaker     $ 0.5  Mil

Ryan              $ 0.45 Mil

Pujols            $16.0  Mil

Holliday          $16.0 Mil

Ludwick         $  5.0 Mil

DeRosa          $  6.0 Mil

Rasmus         $  4.25 Mil

Molina           $  4.3 Mil


                     $48.75 Mil


Lugo             $  0.4  Mil

LaRue           $  1.0  Mil

T. Greene      $  0.45 Mil

Thurston       $  0.5  Mil


                    $  2.35 Mil


Carpenter      $ 14.5   Mil

Wainwright    $   4.838 Mil

Lohse            $  9.188 Mil

Smoltz          $  5.5     Mil

Boggs           $    .45   Mil


                     $34.476 Mil


Reyes            $  2.0   Mil

Miller             $  2.0   Mil

McClellan       $    .45 Mil

Hawksworth   $   .425 Mil

Motte            $    .45  Mil

Franklin         $   2.75 Mil


                     $ 8.075

TOTAL            $93.651

Now, there are obviously some improvements that could be made to the bench and there might be room for some bullpen help. But you basically have $6.5 million to easily accomplish those goals (plus a little wiggle room if Ryan Ludwick gets more than a $1.3 million raise in arbitration) while still keeping your payroll at 2007 levels.

While I would like to see a decent bat off the bench added to the roster, I don't mind the youth in the bullpen and on the bench. It's good to see the kids try to earn playing time the way Brendan Ryan did. Then, as some of the big dollar contracts fade away, you hopefully have some reasonably priced plug ins and you can use the cash you save to fill other holes.

I have said it before and I will say it again, with 3.4 million people spinning the turnstiles this season despite an awful economy, the Cardinals OWE it to their fans to reinvest the money we have spent on this team with AT LEAST a $100 milliion payroll. And with a $100 million payroll, they could easlily afford to keep Matt Holliday and Mark DeRosa.