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Hope for Holliday?

Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal doesn't believe the talk that Matt Holliday wants to play for the Yankees or Mets.

He writes: The thought of free-agent left fielder Matt Holliday signing with the Mets is good for a chuckle. Some who know Holliday say he would prefer not to play in New York. Also, his power to right-center makes him a poor fit for Citi Field. The Mets would not be so desperate to upgrade in left if Fernando Martinez had justified talk that he might be a left-handed Manny Ramirez

Is the New York talk just a ploy to get the Cardinals to open up the vault?

It could be an interesting standoff if Holliday's agent, Scott Boras, tries to get the New York clubs to up the player's price when he has no plans to accept those clubs offers. The players association isn't going to take kindly to the idea of the marquee free agent of this off-season rejecting $150 million from the Mets to take $100 million to go where he prefers to play.

Ia it really that important to Holliday to get top dollar when it might force him to move his family to a place he reportedly doesn't want to live?