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Little Man

August 14, 2008

Little Man


Not to scare everybody off by busting out the family photo album... But this is my son, and he is exhibit A for a case to be made that the love of baseball is genetic.

He is obsessed with baseball. He goes bonkers when it's on television, alternately pointing at the set and clapping his hands. He sits on my lap with his eyes glued to the action on the field when he gets to go to the ballpark...

I swear I didn't force it on him. He got a toy bat when he was a newborn that has become his prized posession. It just seemed like he was drawn to it over his dozens of little cars, plastic animals and other little boy toys. When I come home from work he says "da-da, ball!" Which is my cue to pick up some of the dozen plastic baseballs that litter our living room and put them on the tee I bought him last month so he can slug them across the room one by one. He's getting pretty good.

He ususally holds his bat righthanded, so it really struck me when he saw the Stan Musial statue at Busch Stadium during an off-day trip to see the brick that bears his name in Musial plaza and he switched up. He checked out The Man's stance for a few seconds then assumed a left handed batting position.

Some people think the shot is "posed." But if you have ever tried to get a 15-month old to stand still for half a second, you'll know that's impossible. I was actually trying to take a picture of him near the statue with him facing me. But he kept wanting to turn around to look at Stan.