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Rolen is back in red

Former Cardinals third baseman Scott Rolen will be back in red and back in the NL Central... But this time with Cincinnati.

He was traded today by Toronto to the Reds for third baseman Edwin Encarnacion in a move that leaves me scratching my head.

How much do the Reds expect Rolen, who still has a great glove and who hits for average but hasn't had much of a power bat since his latest bout of shoulder trouble? Is he the one piece they need to get back in contention? And is it worth the $15 million he is owed for the rest of this year and next?

Toronto wanted to save some cash. But they really didn't get much of a return. And I would be surprised if we don't eventually hear that they had to send some money to the Reds to make Captain Crabby go away.

I, personally, am glad to see Encarnacion go. He seemed to KILL the Cardinals. Feed Rolen high fastballs and watch him pop them up on the infield.