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Now we're knocking Pujols?

I'm shocked by the topic amongst Cardinals fans most discussed today:

It revolves around accusations that Albert Pujols doesn't hustle and that Fox Sports Midwest covers it up by not showing Pujols loaf down the first base line when he hits into what appears to be a sure out.

First, get over it. Pujols hustles his butt off. He's got two bad feet that make it look painful when he runs full out, so maybe he's entitled to picking his battles on the field. It's called pacing oneself. I can't help but wonder how much the naysayers would gripe if Pujols had to go on the disabled list because he ran out easy ground balls at full speed and aggravated his feet.

Second, during spring training another member of the media told me he had to be at the Cardinals clubhouse at Roger Dean Stadium at five a.m. When he arrived, it was silent except for the clinking of weights in the workout room. Who was working out at five in the morning? A hungry kid eager to make the team? A grizzled veteran hoping for one more season in the big leagues. No. The best player in baseball, Albert Pujols, was working out -- by himself -- before the sun came up.

Finally, do they really think Fox has a vested interest in protecting Pujols? Maybe they don't think watching someone jog is interesting enough to merit a replay. But, if you don't think Pujols plays hard enough for your taste it's really simple: Turn off the game and berate your dog for not learning to walk on two legs or something equally as reasonable.