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Do the Mets like Figgins better than Holliday

Talk out of New York this weekend is that the Mets may have turned their attention away from the Cardinals Matt Holliday as they prepare to dive into the free agent market.

According to a report in News Day, the Mets' top priority is pitching -- with Angels starter John Lackey at the top of their list -- and they may look for a cheaper option for left field, namely Lackey's teammate, Angels free agent Chone Figgins.

Figgins wouldn't offer Holliday's thump in the middle of the order. But he would provide some top of the order speed and some versatility with the ability to not only play the outfield, but second and third base, too.

Unless they can deal Luis Castillo, the Mets would seem to be thinking about Holliday for left on account of the fact that third baseman David Wright isn't going anywhere.