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New channel, old memories

I think I'm really going to dig the new MLB-TV channel.

In addition to and ESPN-like daily baseball update show, it's heavy on running classic games and all that old school stuff.

For the last few days it has been focusing on the 2006 post season. And it's amazing to see how much about that wild ride I had already forgotten. It's also amazing, seeing it with some objectivity, that I was able to survive the stress.

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Basically, all I remembered about game seven of the NLCS against the Mets was that big hook from Adam Wainwright that froze Carlos Beltran to end the game. I was horrified to recall how Wainwright put the tying run on third and the go ahead run a single away from scoring at second base by walking Paul LoDuca. Not only did that put the Cardinals in a bad spot in general. But it brought up the Cardinals killer Beltran who hit .417 with four homers against the Birds in the '04 NLCS.

It's a miracle that the Cardinals made it to the playoffs. Then they were a breath away from losing game seven of the NLCS both in the ninth and in a sixth inning predicament with the bases loaded and one out. And then there was the home run Endy Chavez stole from Scott Rolen. I was sure at the time that the Cardinals weren't going to get another chance to score.

While this blog is undoubtedly partisan, I do have the ability to cover games with objectivity. That being said, it was all I could do during game five of the World Series to calmly get up from my seat in the auxiliary press box walk out the door, mosey down the hall and into the restroom where I heatedly asked the garbage can how in the world Chris Duncan could drop a lazy pop up that hit him in the glove. I missed the Sean Casey homer that followed because of this, which was probably for the better.

While everyone likes to remember Wainwright as a perfect closer, he was back in trouble again in the ninth when he put runners on first and third with a two-run lead to bring power hitter Brandon Inge to the plate with a chance to give the Tigers the lead. But the kid buckled down and got another big whiff to win it all.


I'm really interested to see what the programming on the channel will be like once spring training and the regular season begins.