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Houston, Philadelphia agree on trade terms. will Oswalt?

The Phillies and Astros agreed on the players and the financial considerations in the early morning hours. All that remains to be seen is if Roy Oswalt will accept a trade to Philadelphia and waive his no trade clause.

A week ago it seemed Oswalt's primary motivation was to pitch for the Cardinals. But reports out of Houston over the last few days indicate that may have changed. Now it it believed that the Astros ace so badly wants to get away from his current team that he would accept a deal just about anywhere.

I'm not sure at this point, only a couple of days before the trade deadline, that Oswalt can expected to be shipped off if he doesn't accept this deal. It has taken Houston's dysfunctional front office more than two months to get this far after their star pitcher originally made his trade request.

It couldn't help the St. Louis cause that the Cardinals came within an eyelash last night of losing their fourth game in five tries. It would seem the Redbirds might have issues deeper than starting pitching.

If Osawalt wants out, he probably has to make a decision by mid day Friday. He is scheduled to start for Houston, and there is just no way he can take the mound with a pending trade hanging out there. If he were to get hurt, the Astros can kiss goodbye all of the prospects and money they were to get out of the deal.

In unassociated trade fare:

The Cardinals have apparently cooled on the idea of trying to add Miguel Tejada to their mix. The team reportedly called the Orioles earlier this week about the shortstop turned third baseman and came away less than excited about the prospect.


The Denver Post reports that the Cardinals aren't interested in the Rockies Clint Barmes, who can play second base and shortstop. Barmes is hitting .249 this season with little power.