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Olney on Holliday and Bay

Buster Olney writes that the Mets may soon give up on Jason Bay's waiting game.

What does this mean for the Cardinals' pursuit of Matt Holliday? Well, nothing, he said. According to Olney, the Mets would likely look for cheaper options in left field like Randy Winn or maybe they would work on the top of the order and the defense by going after Orlando Hudson.

Olney does speculate, however, that the Redbirds are possibly starting to think about Jason Bay as a backup plan for Holliday.

I wouldn't mind Bay as a cheaper backup plan. But I really prefer Holliday who hits for much better average. That's important when opposing managers are staring down Albert Pujols with a man on second. If Pujols is hitting .335 on a pace for 40 homers, why wouldn't you walk him to pitch to the .265 hitter? But if you have Holliday hitting .330 behind Pujols -- while also being a threat to hit the ball out of the park or in the gap, Albert is going to see much better pitches.

One last tidbit: Olney said the Angels, long thought to be a suitor for Bay, just don't have the money to sign him. The Red Sox are said to be somewhat interested still. But they would have to either trade a lot of salary or get really creative with the backloading if they are going to avoid getting majorly dinged by the payroll tax.

It still looks like, when it comes to Holliday, that there is only one team willing to pay him as much as the Cardinals to play left field. And that's the Cardinals.