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A Giant deal for Holliday?

There has been a lot of talk about Cardinals slugger Matt Holliday being on the radar of the Giants lately... But, according to the San Jose Mercury News, the chances the prize of the free agent crop lands there are slim and none.

The spacious outfield of AT&T Park doesn't suit Holliday's taste either as a fielder or a hitter, according to the Mercury News. And even if it did, it is unlikely that the G-men could afford him.

From the Mercury-News:

A lot of fan sites are having spirited discussions comparing Jason Bay to Matt Holliday. No doubt, they’re the two best offensive outfielders on the free-agent market.

For the Giants’ purposes, though, it might be more about perceived attainability than the beauty contest. There are other realities to consider. Holliday has said he dislikes hitting at AT&T Park, and as a Scott Boras client, his negotiations are expected to be difficult and drawn out. The Giants would have to pay a premium — trump the best offer by far — to get Holliday to come to San Francisco.

It’s the same reason they barely discussed Mark Teixeira last winter. This is the same franchise, remember, that was spurned after trying to sign Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Lee. Some of that money eventually ended up going to Aaron Rowand. Most hitters just don’t want to come to AT&T Park.

Bay won’t be cheap by any measure — the bidding floor appears to be four years and $60 million — but he might be a more realistic target for the Giants. He’s from British Columbia, and while he has stated no geographic preference, he isn’t an anti-West Coaster. His defense grades well below Holliday’s according to most metrics, but Giants officials were shocked at how much Holliday had regressed in the field last year.