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Leach: Look for Holliday to wear a different uni in 2010

While he says fans have filled his email box with hopeful queries about the possibility that the hiring of Mark McGwire as hitting coach will entice free agent slugger Matt Holliday to sign a contract extension with St. Louis, blogger Matthew Leach warned Cardinals fans not to get their hopes up.

Leach said Holliday has not shown any indications that he has a predisposition to re-sign with St. Louis. And when he and his agent, Scott Boras, hit the open market they are there for only one reason -- to find the highest bidder. In a nutshell, that ain't likely to be the Cardinals.

In other tid bits, Leach said the Cardinals have managed to crush all of the trade value of catching prospect Bryan Anderson. One one of the Birds most sought after bargaining chips, Anderson had a lousy 2009 as he lingered in Class AAA Memphis and now he is in the Arizona Fall League trying to re-establish any relevance.

He also adds that, if Holliday should leave, Cardinals fans shouldn't count on minor league slugger Allen Craig to fill the void. Craig, the organization's top slugger now that Brett Wallace has been traded away, fills Wallace's shoes as a good hit, no field player very well.

If the Cardinals are really going to be successful at rebuilding their minor league pipeline. they need to start drafting complete players. This the National League, so if a guy can't field well enough to start, he isn't going to do the Birds much good.

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