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LaRue might miss the rest of the season, why not Cueto?

The Cardinals now say that Jason LaRue might be out for the season due to injuries suffered when he was repeatedly kicked in the face last week with the spiked shoes of Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto.

That just goes to show that the suspension of seven games doled out to Cueto for his actions was a complete joke.

Watching slow motion replays and seeing still photos of the fight between the Cardinals and Reds makes it obvious that Cueto wasn't trying to protect himself as he claims. He willingly jumped into the fight, trying to punch St. Louis pitcher Chris Carpenter. With LaRue and Carpenter trapped next to him by the throng of players, Cuetto took advantage of his position to kick both players repeatedly with his spikes. There can be no doubt what he did was an intentional effort to injure opposing players.

He ought to be banned from baseball for at least a year. Or, at a bare minimum, be forced to sit out as long as LaRue is unable to play.

Would it be unfair for the Reds to lose a starting pitcher in exchange for the Cardinals losing a backup catcher? That's not for Major League Baseball to decide. It was Cueto's decision to make the attack, so he is solely responsible for the consequences.