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No word on McGwire, but Bagwell's not coming back

The Cardinals still haven't received word if hitting coach Mark McGwire will be back for a second season in 2011.

But the Astros' former slugging first baseman has informed his club that one season is enough for him. Jeff Bagwell annouced this week that he wont be back next year to tutor Houston hitters, according to ESPN.

"This was a very difficult decision for me," Bagwell said in a news release. "I enjoyed my time as hitting coach a great deal. The players were great and I can't think of a better coaching staff to work with. They were outstanding.

"At this point in time, I'm unable to commit to a full season of putting in the time that is necessary to be effective in that role," Bagwell said. "But, I do look forward to continuing to work with the Astros."

Bagwell had been offered a two-year contract to return. Instead, he will accept a position as special assistant to the GM.