Cheap Seats

How about Rasmus to Toronto?

It's a shame that the Blue Jays have been totally ridiculous with the contracts they've passed out in recent seasons, otherwise they might make a good trade partner as the Cardinals try to grant Colby Rasmus' wish to get traded out of town.

In Toronto, Gold Glove centerfielder Vernon Wells would fill the Redbirds' need for an RBI bat. I'd take Wells and former Atlanta shortstop Yunel Escobar in exchange for Rasmus -- if not for the fact that the Blue Jays owe wells about $86 million over the next four seasons!!! Unless the Jays are willing to pick up about $66 million of that amount, which would probably qualify their GM for the insane asylum of his choice under the Canadian healthcare system, I don't see any way it could happen.

Escobar is a career .291 hitter who has batted mostly in the second spot in the order over the course of his career. But he's a .307 hitter from the leadoff position, the second most common spot in the order where he hits.

SS Escobar (R)  .291/11/66
RF Jay (L)        .327/8/55
1B Pujols (R)    .331/42/128
LF Holliday (R) .316/29/112
CF Wells (R)     .279/26/94
3B Freese (R)   .299/9/80
 C Molina (L)    .267/8/64
2B Ryan (R)     .260/4/36

While I can't see Wells being included in a Rasmus deal, I still wouldn't mind seeing some sort of trade for Escobar worked out.