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Cardinals vs. Yankees, Part II

The Cardinals hopes to sign an outfielder may, for the second time this off-season, depend on what the Yankees plan to offer.

The first time the Birds had to hope that New York didn't come along and blow them out of the water with a giant bid for Matt Holliday. This time, the Cardinals chances of brining back fan favorite Jim Edmonds may hinge on what the Yankees are inclined to do.

Word from Edmonds is that the Bronx bombers have contacted his people about helping to fill their left field hole, a semi-starting position that might give Jimmy Ballgame the 400 at bats he claims to desire. And that's something the Cardinals, with Holliday, Colby Rasmus and Ryan Ludwick in house, can't offer. Edmonds would only be a pinch hitter and spot starter here.

Whether Edmonds heads to New York or comes back to St. Louis might be decided by how much of his pride Johnny Damon can swallow.

The incumbent Yankees left fielder seemed to be gone because of a huge chasm in what the team is willing to offer and what he wants to play for them. But few -- if any -- huge dollar deals have presented themselves. Will Damon take $2 million a year when he was asking for $13 million for each of three seasons? If he doesn't where will he get more cash?

If Damon says yes, New York will probably move on and Edmonds is back in play for St. Louis. With Jimmy's agent saying that he thinks a deal could be inked by the weekend, we may all know very soon.