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Cardinals vs. Dodgers, July 30

I guess you can't complain about taking three out of four from the best team in the National League. Unless you had the winning run at third base with one out in the eighth inning and couldn't manage to drive him home.

And the Cubs were playing a cupcake at home -- again -- in the form of an Astros squad that started a pitcher it planned to release as soon as the game was over. Nice.

The Birds ended up being downed 5-3 in extra innings when they got down deep into an already depleted bullpen.

Cardinals Star of the Game: New Cardinals flychaser Matt Holliday hit his first home run for the home team with a paint scraper to right. Rick Ankiel gets a tip of the cap for launching a no doubter to tie the game at three.

Lowlight: Brendan Ryan fouled a ball off his ankle and it was pretty swollen. Apparently, he had no broken bones and is listed as day-to-day by the club. He was playing great and will be missed, especially for his glove.