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The Edmonds rumor just won't go away

Maybe Matt Holliday didn't want to wear Jim Edmonds' old number because he was afraid that Edmonds would soon want it back...

Manager Tony La Russa fed the fires of the rumor that Edmonds could return to the Redbirds as a reserve outfielder by saying Sunday at his Animal Rescue Foundation dinner that he would welcome his former outfielder back.

Edmonds did his part, repeating his comment from a few years back when he signed his last contract extension here, that he wants to play his final season for the Cardinals free of charge. Obviously, that can't happen. But if he agreed to play for the MLB minimum and said he accepted that he was going to be a reserve, wouldn't Edmonds be impossible to pass up?

Sure, he'll be 40 mid-season. But it might be tough to find a better lefty bat with some pop for the Birds' bench. Edmonds might still be able -- if he has stayed in shape -- to play a couple of games in the outfield a week and pinch hit on a daily basis...

I'd like to see it, if for no other reason than to help get that ugly image of Edmonds in a Cubs uniform out of our minds.