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Cardinals vs. Astros, Aug. 2

The Cardinals offense apparently took a day off one day too early.

With a bye on the schedule Monday, the Birds managed only two hits Sunday in seven innings against Astros rookie starter Bud Norris. They were downed 2-0 despite a strong start from Cardinals hurler Adam Wainwright.

Fortunately, the Marlins did the Cardinals a favor by fighting back against the Cubs to keep the Redbirds in first place.

I'm starting to get concerned about the slump of Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols. The big guy had several chances to tie the game or put the home team ahead, but is popping the ball up with alarming regularity. I sure hope it's not his troublesome elbow. Everyone deserves to go through a bad stretch. But it is unlike Pujols to have two bad weeks in a row. I hope he's just pressing.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Wainwright scattered eight hits over seven innings and allowed two runs. He walked no one and struck out five, but once again was a hard luck starter.

Lowlight: Joe Thurston came into the game as a pinch hitter and worked a 3-0 count before showing up the umpire by trotting toward first on a boarderline pitch. although he was still ahead 3-1, he might as well have taken a seat. He swung wildly at a pair of pitches in the dirt to end the Cardinals' best chance to win the game.