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Pujols folly

A report earlier this week that Albert Pujols has listed the Dodgers, Angels, Astros and Marlins as the four team to which he has declared that he would accept a trade.

It unleashed a firestorm in the blog world of suppositions about which players those clubs would offer in exchange for the best player in baseball. But the truth is that Pujols' list means nothing.

Albert didn't ask for a trade. He has a limited no-trade clause in his contract that requires him to name four teams from all of baseball's clubs to which he would accept a deal. I think it speaks volumes that one of the teams is the low budget Marlins.

It's a waste of time to speculate about trades to these teams because their designation has no significance. If the Cardinals did try to trade Pujols and the Yankees made the best offer in terms of players and for a contract extension, I'm sure something could be worked out.

But nothing has happened to make anyone who is reasonable believe that Pujols is more likely to be traded today than he was a month ago.