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Bad guys 1, Good guys 0

Thursday wasn't exactly a banner day for Major League Baseball with two of the game's greatest stars taking black eyes.

Manny Ramirez joined the lengthy list of big leaguers implicated in the use of performance enhancing drugs. He got a 50 game suspension from baseball that will dwarf the $5 million a season he held out for throughout spring training. With lost time, Manny Being Manny will forfeit about $8 million. And it serves him right.

But I am even more irritated by the latest news about Alex Rodriguez.

In addition to revelations in a book about him that A-Rod may have used steroids longer than he admitted during the spring, he also stands accused of forging deals with opposing players to tip what pitches were coming. In other words, he was giving opposing players inside information to help them beat his pitcher in effort to pad his stats.

If this is proven -- and it is admittedly a long way from being proven so far -- Rodriguez should be banned from baseball for life, no questions asked.

Baseball's all-time hit king is banned for life because he bet on his own team in the 1980s... To win... A-Rod may have been causing his team to lose games to feed his never satisfied lust for money, fame and power. 

If he did this, obviously other players know about it. And hopefully someone will come forward to tell the truth... Because we know that we can't believe anything Rodriguez says.

It's funny that two years ago A-Rod was the only player in baseball who could make a case that he was as good or better than Albert Pujols. Who could have believed his star would fall so far so fast?