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Rumor Mill: Sheets update

Updating a post from earlier this morning, apparently the Rangers had good reason for balking at a two-year contract for Ben Sheets.

According to, he has a torn flexor tendon. He plans to have surgery as soon as possible in hopes that he could return in August or September. But that may be pushing things a bit. It usually takes about nine months to come back. And, since it's February, that lines up for an October. return. He would probably be better served by taking the whole year off.

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The MLB post says that Sheets actually agreed to a two-year deal with Texas last week but that he failed his physical.

Apparently the Brewers knew about the injury at the end of the 2008 season but it was thought that problem would resolve itself with rest and rehab instead of surgery. The team offered arbitration to their former ace on Dec. 2 and he declined. Otherwise, Sheets might have earned more than $11 for the 2009 campaign. Now he stands to be unemployed -- unless some team takes him on as a rehab project.