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Wainwright is (finally) getting some national attention

ESPN's Buster Olney has an interesting piece on Adam Wainwright.

He said the key to Wainwright's success is his ability to throw his curve on both sides of the plate, making it very effective against both righties and lefties.

It's good that Wainwright is starting to get some national attention, epecially when he is a serious candidate of the Cy Young Award this year. But it makes me wonder why it has taken so long for some of the national writers to give him the credit he is due.

Maybe they aren't quick to notice the goings on off the beaten path in St. Louis. But didn't they get the drift that maybe he was a pretty decent hurler when he turned Carlos Beltran into a popsicle for the last out of game seven during the 2006 National League Championship Series in New York?

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Cardinals Starter Adam Wainwright leads the major leagues with 18 wins. AP photo.

Wainwright may have been a rookie in '06, not to mention that he was working out of the bullpen instead of as a starter. But he showed the poise even then that has led him to be one of the best pitchers in the National League at 27 years old.

He's 18-7 with a 2.59 ERA in 30 starts with the Cardinals. Wainwright has pitched 205 innings and only allowed 189 hits. He's struck out 60 and struck out 175. He has a 3.19 ERA for his career with 43 wins and 25 losses.

Click here for a link to the Olney story.