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Slaughter's phantom batting title

Cardinals Hall of Famer Enos Slaugher acccomplished a lot of things, but he never won a batting title.

Or did he?

The Redbird legend hit .318 in 1942 for the St. Louis Swifties, good enough for second in the league to Boston's Ernie Lombardi's .330. But by today's standards Country would have brought home the accolades.

Under the 154-game schedule they played in those days, todays players would have to amass 477 plate appearances in order to qualify for the batting title. But in the 1940s, players simply had to play in 100 games, no matter how many at bats they had, to qualify.

Lombardi only played in 105 game and had 347 plate appearances in 1942. Slaughter played in 152 of the Cardinals 154 games and had a whopping 647 plate appearances, nearly double Lombardi's.

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For the record, by today's rules, Stan Musial's .315 batting average would have qualified for second in the batting race. But I'm sure the Cardinals hitters were more than happy to trade a shot at the batting title for the World Series rings they got when the Birds downed the Yankees in the World Series.

Slaughter's next best showing in the batting average race was in 1939 when he hit .336 and finished third.