Cheap Seats

Not funny, Tony

I appreciated all of MLB-TV's coverage of Cardinals camp Thursday -- except for about 10 seconds.

The network had cameras on the field for drills when La Russa announced that the infielders should try to retire Albert Pujols trying to score from third.

"It's something we'll need to know when Albert leaves as a free agent," La Russa quipped.

Anybody who has listened to the skipper talk knows that he has something of a dark sense of humor. But this joke was a little too dark for my taste. In fact, it gave me the same feeling I get in my gut about an hour down the road when I'm going on a trip and suddenly I start to wonder if I remembered to turn off the stove.

The remark was certainly inspired by the talk the last couple of days that Pujols wants a 10-year, $250-million contract extension -- and the Cardinals to put a better supporting cast on the field -- if he is going to remain in town after his current deal expires.

It seems like just yesterday that I saw Pujols for the first time in spring training and wondered if anyone could be as good as he seemed. Time flies when you're having fun.

By the way... View From the Cheap Seats will arrive at spring training March 21 and I plan to blog live with accounts of the games, on and off the field spring training info and post photos and videos.