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Oswalt injured

Roy Oswalt, maybe the most accomplished pitcher available on the trade market, was hit in the ankle with a line drive early in his Sunday start.

He tried to continue, but couldn't. It is unknown at this point if the injury is a bruise or something worse. But even if it is just a bruise, it could easily keep Oswalt out for a couple of weeks. That would make it much more complicated for him to be dealt before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

Oswalt managed only four innings against the Pirates. While he was in the game he gave up seven hits and two runs. He'll fall short of having a chance to pitch for a win in the game. An article this morning (where I saw it, I can't remember) said Oswalt was one win shy of tying the record for most victories in club history. Oswalt had hoped to reach that mark before being dealt -- if he was traded.

Fiancial considerations -- along with Oswalt's no-trade clause -- are going to make a swap difficult. He has reportedly said that he wouldn't accept a deal to several teams interested in his services including the White Sox, Tigers and Twins. Oswalt said he would accept a trade to the Cardinals or the New York Clubs. But neither the Mets nor Yankees seem to be willing to cough up the cash it would take to get him.

Oswalt has about $25 million remaining on his current contract and reportedly wants his $16-million option picked up to accept relocation.