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Suppan hits DL as Milwaukee ponders what's next

How will the Brewers deal with the fact that untradable starting pitcher Jeff Suppan -- with his $12.75 million paycheck -- isn't one of the teams six best starting pitchers?

Why, disable him, of course.

Suppan, who hasn't said a peep about it all spring, suddenly says that he had a chronic neck problem that has forced him to the disabled list for the second time in his career. He denies that the injury is a ploy designed to give Milwaukee brass more time to try to figure out what to do with him.

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Former Cardinals starter Jeff Suppan

"No, absolutely not," Suppan told the Brew Beat blog when asked if the injury was a fake. "It wasn't something that I walked around talking about, but I was getting treatment every day, all spring, and I never was able to knock [the pain] out.

"It wasn't a big deal. I got here and thought I had a stiff neck, and they did some tests and thought that it would just take some time to pitch through. But at some point it really plateaued. I still felt it. So we did the MRI and it was what they thought it was -- a disc problem. So it's a situation where we can let it heal."