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Skippy one of the 10 worst?

Kansas City based baseball writer Joe Posnanski has complied a list of the top 10 candidates to be crowned the worst player in baseball.

At least a little bit surprisingly to me is the inclusion of Cardinals second sacker Skip Schumaker.

Posnanski wrote:

Speaking of love … people tend to love Skip Schumaker. And for good reason: His name is Skip, and the guy will do anything for the club. He moved to second base last year even though he had never before played the position (a guy named Skip SHOULD play second base). And though he struggled there defensively, he at least held his own and got on base enough to be of value to the Cardinals. This year, so far, he has a 78 OPS+, his defense at second base still seems quite a bit below average, and he has run into quite a few outs on the bases. We’ll see how he plays in what is shaping up to be the best division race in baseball.

I can't really argue the stats. And I have long been of the opinion that, as a second baseman, he's a pretty nice outfielder. But I don't know that he's one of the worst of the worst. I believe that the Redbirds are overexposing Schumaker. But, that being said, there are many worse starting ballplayers in the majors.

Here's the whole list:

– Seattle’s Jose Lopez.

– Toronto’s Adam Lind.

– Houston’s Carlos Lee.

– Chicago’s Derrek Lee.

– Kansas City’s Jason Kendall.

– Kansas City’s Yuniesky Betancourt

– New York’s Jeff Francoeur.

– St. Louis’ Skip Schumacher

– Washington’s Nyjer Morgan

– San Diego’s Miguel Tejada