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Clement calls it quits

Former Cardinals pitcher Matt Clement has retired after failing for three consecutive seasons to come back from a devistating shoulder injury.

Clement hurt the shoulder in 2006 while with the Red Sox. He signed an incentive laden contract with a pricey option to try to pitch for the Cardinals last year. But after arriving at spring training with a weak arm, he never made it out of the minors and was released.

This spring, Clement got a chance to try to win a spot with the Blue Jays. But he informed that club Sunday that he was abandoning his bid to make it back to the big leagues.

I feel bad for the guy. According to information floating about at the time he signed with St. Louis, Clement had one of the worst shoulder injuries his doctors had ever seen. It's amazing with how much doctors have learned about repairing elbows that sometimes there just isn't much that can be done with a shoulder joint.