Cheap Seats

Mets like Holliday reports that the Mets expect to be a major suitor for Cardinals slugging left fielder Matt Holliday when he hits the free agent market.

With a payroll of just shy of $150 million last season, New York shed the contract of Carlos Delgado ($16 million) and Billy Wagner ($10.5 million.) So they'll definitely have a lot of cash on hand... even thought they have some hefty raises already on the books.

David Wright gets a $2.5 million increase to $10 million, Jose Reyes gets a $3.25 million bump to $9 million and, if they pick up J.J. Putz's $8.6 million option, he'll get a $3.6 million hike.

Last week talk from New York was that Holliday wants to be a Yankee, but the Mets are his second choice because he doesn't like the idea of hitting at Citi Field. The National Leaguers may be a better bet because the Yankees are said not to want to add another huge contract on top of those that have already been passed out to Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett.

Besides, it doesn't exactly seem like the Yankees need another high dollar bat as they steamroll their way to the World Series.

On Monday, Cardinals chairman Bill DeWit Jr. was on KFNS talking about Holliday. He said the team plans to pursue him hard and that it is still hopeful of landing him. But last night GM John Mozeliak sounded less optimistic. He said the team is still thinking about "plan A." But, meanwhile, it is formulating plans B, C and D, too.

Mmmmmm... I can't wait to hear all about plan D. Tell me, does it involve Bob Horner?