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Holliday vs. Halladay

In the immediate wake of the trade for Matt Holliday, the most common comment I heard was that the Cardinals should have traded for Roy Halladay instead.

Well, while I have to admit that I am a big Halladay fan and I am greedy enough to want BOTH players in the birds on bat, the numbers seem to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Cardinals made the right choice.

While Holliday is a .400 hitter with power in a St. Louis uniform, Halladay's push for the Cy Young Award has fallen on hard times since the All-Star break.

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Toronto ace Roy Halladay reacts to giving up a homer against the Red Sox. AP photo.

A 10-3 pitcher with a 2.85 ERA and 118 hits allowed in 123 innings, Holliday has fallen to 3-4 with 68 hits allowed in 61 innings. His ERA is up half a point to still very respectable 3.39.

Meanwhile, Holliday was a .276 hitter with eight homers and 43 RBIs in 85 first half games. In 36 second half games he is a .393 hitter with nine homers and 38 RBIs.

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Cardinals slugger Matt Holliday hits a three-run homer against the Padres. AP photo.

Holliday is hitting .472 in 59 plate appearances at Busch Stadium since the trade with four homers and 14 RBIs in 13 games.

I guess it's hard to say if the fact that he was expecting to be traded caused Halladay to have a let down or if his numbers would have been better if he was pitching for the Cardinals, who are in the catbird's seat in a pennant race as opposed to the out of it Blue Jays. But, while I would like to have them both -- if the Cardinals can only afford one -- I think they got the right guy.