Cheap Seats

Cardinals vs. Cubs, May 21

I wonder if the Cardinals plan to bill Albert Pujols for breaking their stadium Thursday night with a titanic blast that busted out the letter "i" on the Big Mac Land sign.

If so, I would be willing to chip in on the bill.

Pujols gave the Birds an early lead, and for the third time in an many games, the Cardinals were able to make it stand up and eek out a victory over the hated Chicago Cubs. The Birds only scored seven runs in the entire series. But it was enough to sweep the wee bears because of stellar pitching.

How much does it mean for the Redbirds to get their ace, Chris Carpenter back? The pitching was terrible for the past three weeks. But on the day Carpenter was re-activated following a stay on the disabled list with a torn oblique, Joel Pineiro threw the team's best game of the year. Carpenter jumped into the mix in the middle game and seemed as if he hadn't missed a beat. Then Adam Wainwright, who has struggled for much of the season, closed out the series with a great start.

I hate to be satisfied with a 3-3 homestand so far. But sweeping the Cubs is a nice consolation prize.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Wainwright... 8 2/3 IP, 5 H, 1 ER

Lowlight: None.