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Cardinals at Marlins June 9

The Cardinals have lost eight out of 10 and five in a row to a couple of the worst teams in the National League. I can barely take it to watch the Cardinals who are starting to resemble the post Jack Clark punchless wonders of 1988.

I was somewhat optimistic that maybe Chris Carpenter could hold the Fish to a run or two. But when he gave up three and his team has only scored 2.9 runs a game for the month of May, it was pretty obvious St. Louis was in some serious trouble.

The Cardinals took a three-run lead, then looked like a little kid getting his candy taken away by a bully as they choked up the lead and eventually lost the game in the bottom of the ninth.

Cardinals Star of the Game: Rick Ankiel was 2-for-3 with a pair of RBIs to give the Redbirds some hope that the offense may be starting to come around. Colby Rasmus, newly installed in the cleanup slot was 2-for-4.

Albert Pujols has gone four games without a hit. But what are we to expect when he can't get a pitch in the strikezone to hit. It's shameful how the Cardinals are neglecting the best player in baseball by not putting him into a position to succeed. And this is exactly the reason why Pujols would be inspired to leave town when his contract expired.