Cheap Seats


On one hand, I'm glad the Cubs came back last night to beat the Giants.

After all, how much fun is it to have the Cardinals win their hard fought, improbable division title while sitting in their hotel rooms in Denver?

I would much prefer to see the Cardinals run out on the field to jump up and down and do the whole routine. It's been suggested to me that the Birds ought to forgo the division title celebration altogether because, with how often they have been in the playoffs over the past decade, it's just not that big of a deal anymore.

Not that big of a deal?

Winning the division, when you think about it, is the hardest thing a team has to do on the road to trying to win a World Series. It's harder to prove they are the best team over 162 games than it is to win 11 games in the post season.

How many times in the last few years has the best team won the World Series? Not many.

The 2005 Cardinals were MUCH better than the 2006 Cardinals. But which team got the trophy? The 2005 Birds just got unlucky in the playoffs, losing the NLCS to an Astros team that got swept in the Fall Classic, while the 2006 team had to back into the playoffs on the last day of the season but then went on to become the team with the least amount of wins in a complete 162-game season to bring home the big prize.

Anyway, I hope the Cardinals can win it tonight, one way or another. But if they lose and the Cubs win today, I am officially into I-don't-care-how-it-happens-just-get-it-overwith mode.