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Musial vs. Pujols

News-Democrat staffer Will Buss put together a chart comparing current Cardinals star Albert Pujols up to his 29th yeasr to Hall of Famer Stan Musial's career through the same period. The results are pretty interesting.

Category     Musial     Pujols

Hits            1,624      1,630

HR                174         351

AVG             .344        .334

RBI               815       1,062

 2B               343          363

 3B               115           14

 BB               652         767

 SO               235         541

 TB             2,719      3,074

OBP              .427       .427

SLG              .576       .631

 SB                 49          55

The numbers are shockingly similar, especially when you factor in the differences in the way the game was played and the size of the ballparks of the era. Pujols is not nearly as fast as Stan the Man was in his youth. But a lot of the triples Stan the Man hit might have been homers today because the ballparks were so much bigger in the 40s and 50s.

Pujols seems like he hardly ever strikes out. But Musual struck out about HALF as frequently as one of the best contact sluggers in the game today!

Interesting stuff.