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A Penny not saved...

I originally mentioned this in last night's post. But, for reasons I don't want to get into right now, I had to chuck everything I had written over the course of the first 8 1/2 innings and start from scratch at 11:30 p.m...

So, if you haven't already heard the bad news, Brad Penny had a setback in his rehab yesterday and has been shut down. Apparently he was pitching in a simulated game with plans to go on a minor league rehab assignment on Sunday. But when he tried to start a fresh pretend inning, his shoulder grabbed and he was sent back to St. Louis to see the doctors.


Hopefully this was just a minor muscular thing and it won't set things back so far. But, given Penny's history, I wouldn't bet on it. He's missed nearly two months with a back muscle pull. And now we're getting into arm troubles, which obviously are much more of a concern to a pitcher.

On one had, this would seem to heighten the team's need for another starter through trade. But, after last night, does this team give the front office any reason to believe it's worthwhile to mortgage the future? I don't have any confidence right now that this team could win games if Cy Young and Babe Ruth were brought back from the dead and dropped onto the roster. This club just has an uncanny knack for finding creative ways to lose ballgames.

Do they have incentive clauses in their contracts that reward poor play?