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Cardinals vs. Cubs series wrapup

Cardinals vs. Cubs series wrap up

13-6, 1st place

Overall: A-

I'll take two of three every time. Pending the outcome of the makeup of the fourth game from their previous matchup with the Cubs in Chicago, the Cardinals haven't lost a series all season. The Birds have won nine of their last 10 at Busch Stadium and they won five of six games against teams that are considered to be major contenders, the Mets and Cubs. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Starting pitching: C+

The Cardinals got a pair of nice starts in the first two games. Especially the second contest, considering it was Mitchell Boggs' first start of the season... I never expected the Birds to have a chance in the second game. But the Cardinals much cheaper and less experienced rotation managed to get the best of the Wee Bears in two of the three games. Wellemeyer's start in game three was terrible. Odd since he was the Cardinals best starter in spring training. I really wonder if his elbow is sore.

Bullpen: C+

Once again, not bad at all in two games out of three. But the concerns about Trever Miller are on the rise after he got bombed by Fukudome for a three-run bomb. Some situational lefty. Blaine Boyer doesn't look like the answer. 

Offense: A-

The bats were on fire the first two games. And it shouldn't really be a surprise that the Birds were stymied by Rich Harden on Sunday. Albert Pujols' second grand slam in two weeks was stunning. Why, oh why, has he not been signed to an extension? There is no doubt that Pujols is the best player in the game. And he should never appear in another uniform.

Defense: C

Brian Barden has struggled with his throws lately at third base. But he has made up for it with his offense. Skip Schumaker had the unfortunate drop of a fly ball while playing in the outfield, meanwhile, his range to his right is his biggest problem on the infield.