Cheap Seats


The Cardinals need to get mad if they expect to get even in their NLDS series against the Dodgers.

I still believe that the Redbirds are the vastly superior team. They made a couple of mistakes in each of the first two games that makes the standings not reflect the truth. They ought to be pretty darn upset about that. And they need to come out firing on all cylinders Saturday at home against the Bums.

It seems like a pretty daunting task to win three games in a row. But the Cardinals still have the better pitching. So they need to worry about winning game three and resetting their rotation to bring the co-Cy Young candidates back to the hill.

On the bright side, the Cardinals offense seems to work a lot better, for whatever reason, in front of the home crowd. And while we can all talk about whether the bullpen or the defense is to blame for the Cardinals 0-2 deficit, we all know the real answer is that the offense is to blame.