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Schumaker on second

The front office and manager might be confident that career outfielder Skip Schumaker can make the transition to second base. But Skippy sure doesn't seem confident -- or even interested in -- making the move.

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Schumaker, who last played the infield way back when he was in college, told the Associated Press that he is very pessimistic about his chances of quickly making the conversion at the major league level.

"There's a reason why I'm in the outfield, I think," Schumaker said. "Obviously, if Tony wants to throw me in that fire I'll try it, but I don't know how realistic that is."

Schumaker went on to say that he hasn't practiced talking infield grounders in six years.

Meanwhile, veteran second baseman Orlando Hudson continues to sit out there on the free agent market. The Nationals wooed him for a while, but apparently told the former Diamondback that they're out of the market for a second sacker now that they have inked slugger Adam Dunn to a $20 million deal.

The Dodgers have denied interest in Hudson. But talk has floated the last week or so that they might sign both him AND Manny Ramirez in the next couple of days to get rid of some of that pesky cash that is cluttering up their front office. 

Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. Is it too much to ask that the Cardinals, who by all accounts have more than $17 million of space between their current payroll and the team's stated budget cap, at least give Hudson's people a call and see if they are ready to make a short term deal for $4 or $5 million?