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Tigers ready to talk trade

If the Cardinals don't like any of their options on the free agent market, they may be able to trade with a familiar partner for a starter.

According to the Detroit News, the Tigers may trade one -- or possibly even two -- out of their starting pitcher surplus. The team's last did business when the Cardinals disastrously acquired another starter from the Tigers: Mike Maroth.

Justin Verlander, Jeremy Bonderman, Armando Galarraga, Edwin Jackson, Nate Robertson, Dontrelle Willis and Zach Miner are all candidates for the Detroit rotation. Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowksi told the News the team doesn't have room for them all.

"There are seven starters right there," Dombrowski said, adding the kicker:

"Trade possibilities come up."

Detroit would probably like to put Willis at the top of its trade list. The former Marlins ace pitched only 24 innings in Motown after signing a lucrative contract extension. In that span he walked 35 batters. But it would be a trick to find a taker -- especially if the Tigers are unwilling to pick up a large piece of the D-Train's contact. And they're maxed out on payroll already, making that unlikely.

Potential trade partners would probably be more interested in Jeremy Bonderman, who has a 97 mile an hour fastball. Bonderman had minor surgery over the off-season following an 11-17 season that can only be classified as a disappointment. But he is a strong candidate to make a comeback.