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Ankiel on the outs in KC

Former Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel seems to be on the outs in Kansas City.

The Royals called up Ankiel after leaving him in the minors for a rehab assignment as long as possible. In his first game back, the former pitcher turned slugging outfielder struck out three times...

Ankiel is said to be on the block. But it's hard to imagine Kansas City finding a taker for the flychaser who is hitting barely over .200 and who has spent a ton of time on the disabled list this season.

I was hopeful that playing in the low pressure atmosphere in KC would give Ankiel a chance to put up some good numbers and solidify his career. But now he has strung two bad seasons together and has been injured for considerably parts of the last three years. It's hard to imagine him getting anything more than a minimal, incentive-laden deal for 2011.