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Spiezio is headed to play winter ball

According to the Dominican press, former Cardinal Scott Spiezio has joined the Caribbean Winter League to play for the Giants del Cibao for the stretch run.

The story, written in Spanish, appears in today's edition of the Nuevo el Diario. it doesn't make any mention of whether Spiezio is attempting a comeback in the majors. But, then again, if it did I probably would have now way to figure it out. The computerized Spanish to English translation was only slightly more readable for me than the original Spanish version.

Spiezio, 37, hasn't played in the majors since 2007 when he missed half the season with a substance abuse problem. He was released the following spring when he was charged right after players reported to camp with driving under the influence for an incident that happened in California. Spiezio was in a wreck there over the off-season and reportedly ran from the police and hid in his condo after taking time to punch out a neighbor.

The Braves picked Spiezio up after the Cardinals let him go, but he messed that up, too and hasn't played with a major league team since.