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Mozeliak just says no

Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak has put an end to any speculation about the team heeding Albert Pujols' suggestion of signing free agent slugger Manny Ramirez.


Mozeliak told the LA Times he has no interest in the superstar slugger who spent last season with the Red Sox and Dodgers.


"The answer is no," Mozeliak said, told the Times when asked if the Cardinals would consider signing Ramirez.


Of course it is. When has Mozeliak ever had an interest in sincerely pursuing a free agent?


Not that it would have made any difference. But the biggest mistake Pujols made was calling manager Tony La Russa to urge the team to pursue Ramirez. La Russa has about as much luck convincing Mozeliak to do something these days as I do. Mo didn't make any more effort to sign La Russa's top priority than floating a two-year, take it or leave it offer. And the Ramirez shoot down is just the latest incarnation of Mozeliak ignoring the skipper's other off-season request -- finding a legit clean-up hitter to bat behind Pujols .


It's nice that Mozeliak has the team's pennies pinched nice and tight. But in the quiet of the Cardinals' inactivity you can hear the footsteps of fans headed toward the exits. And I can only wonder how this snub of the team's superstar impacts his long term plans.


Albert's free agency will come before we know it. And, since you know the Cardinals aren't going to put the highest offer on the table, doesn't it make sense that if money isn't his top priority for the future that winning will be?