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California dreaming about Holliday

With Manny Ramirez's announcement that he wouldn't opt out of the second season of his two-year, $40 million contract with the Dodgers, scratch one team off the lengthy list of possible Matt Holliday suitors.

If Ramirez decided to walk, L.A. would have had $20 million burning a hole in their pocket. And, at least at this point in time, I'd have to say that Holliday is a superior player in every aspect of the game...

While the Dodgers might be fading out of the picture, word is that their division rivals might be jumping in bigtime. The Giants are said to be very eager to add a big bat in the middle of their weak lineup.

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Matt Holliday takes a cut in his first game with the Cardinals.

I guess we'll learn what Holliday's priorities really are if the Giants are the highest bidder. He said he wants to play for a team that has a chance to win every year and he is believed to want to play for a team that has the financial flexibility to add other good players around him. But the Giants make the Cardinals look like free spenders and they are saddled with the awful contracts they gave Barry Zito and Aaron Rowand. Those two players will combine to earn $30.5 million in 2010 and the Giants' payroll as a whole was only $82.6 million.

If the Giants were able to somehow shoehorn Holliday into their pay structure, he shouldn't count on anyone else coming to help him out with the offensive burden anytime soon.

A lot of people griped before the Holliday trade that he was a product of Coors field because his numbers were so much better there than his road numbers. I argued at the time that Holliday's numbers in St. Louis were better than they were in Colorado. And the reason that his road numbers were so bad was that he didn't hit worth a darn in the home parks of many of the Rockies' NL West rivals.

He is a .281 hitter at San Francisco's home field compared to .353 in the mile high air. What is it going to do to Holliday's numbers if he struggles in San Diego and LA and only has mediocre numbers in the Giants' park to balance it out.

The Cardinals shouldn't be outbid by the Giants. And Holliday might want to reconsider grabbing for the most dollars if San Francisco is his strongest suitor.