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Damon wants $19 million from Yanks

Yankees left fielder Johnny Damon apparently wants a contract similar to that of former Yankee Bobby Abreu to return to the house that Jeter built, according to Fox Sports.

That's about $19 million over two years.

Sounds reasonable to me. Well, at least as reasonable as any multi-million-dollar deal to play a child's game. Damon is 35. But his 2009 season and playoffs proved that he is still in his prime, so that short term deal is probably a lot more attractive than it would be to commit $18 million or so a year to Matt Holliday to play the same position.

Few things could happen better for the Cardinals this offseason that Damon and Hideki Matsui quickly agreeing to contract extensions in New York to take the biggest checkbook our of the Holliday derby.

I heard today that Holliday's agent, Scott Boras, is already starting to allege collusion is the reason teams are bowing out of the bidding for the slugging left fielder. It's as if these people think it is their birthright to be handed not millions, not tens of millions but hundreds of millions of dollars to play a game. Nevermind that more than 10 percent of the working age population of this country can't find a fulltime job and the economy is in the tank... Why should baseball players and their agents have to live in the real world? Just because people are going hungry doesn't mean they should have to live on $100 million over the next six or seven years instead of $180 million.